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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gerry Manders Us at Our Peril

Anna Maria,

That is an excellent question, and one which I hope that non-office holding citizens all over West Virginia continue to bring up to each and every one of their legislators and via every other available communication outlet.

There should be a huge and adamant public outcry on this important voting rights issue.

The Senate Acting President authorized Senate Majority Leader John Unger to hold public feedback forums on the Senate redistricting process, but Speaker of the House Rick Thompson so far has not addressed this fundamental electoral concern.

Meanwhile, word on the street is that House Democrat Delegates are having their own internal backroom and kitchen table strategy sessions on how to push through their partisan gerrymandering schemes with their large voting majority in the House of Delegates.

For instance there was great concern recently voiced at the Senate redistricting forum meeting in Martinsburg that there is a supposed Democrat conspiracy afoot to split little Morgan County into three Delegate districts that they then would have to share with Berkeley County.

There now is talk among a few folks about just going ahead and organizing independent town hall meetings on this issue if the Speaker of the House doesn't schedule bi-partisan public hearings soon.

The important thing is to have single member election districts that fairly concentrates voters in reasonable community centered districts that, insofar as possible, do not cross county lines, regardless of who is an incumbent.


From: Anna Maria
Sent: May 17, 2011 8:00 AM
To: "Larry D. Kump"

Are the Delegates going to have any mtgs regarding single delegate districts &/or redistricting? I know the Senate is having mtgs but have not seen if the delegates are going to have a public forum for input.

Anna Maria

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