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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sudafed Up?

Hey Larry,

I heard that the House passed a bill to make it necessary to have a prescription in order to purchase Pseudofed.... which I already have to show an ID for.

1) I will just make my purchase of pseudofed in Maryland or Virginia as we use this medication for sinus/congestion conditions in my house... rather than the more common use(?) of purchase for making methamphetamines, or so it would seem.

2) My husband used to have a prescription for Clariton-D... then it became OTC... now it will be prescription again? (Will my insurance company pay for it then as it will not currently pay for it because it does not require a prescription?) So now, in order to get the medication for my husband (which, BTW, his Doctor suggested) I have to make a $65 doctor appointment (now that my deductible is very high, I will pay that out of pocket) in order to get the same medicine?

3) Once again, I feel that I am being unfairly burdened because some people are abusing something. It's like leaving SAM's club and being subjected to a bag search, in case I have stolen something... not because I have, but rather because some people have... so now we all have to be treated like criminals in order to not discriminate against the criminals?

Not making my life easier Larry!!!!

Dana P.

Note from Delegate Kump: Check the other entries on this and other topics. For even more legislative information, as well the vote on HB 2649 in the House of Delegates and how to contact your legislators, click on "WV State Legislature" (on the right hand side of this page, under "Links"). HB 2649 now is pending a vote in the Senate.

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