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Friday, March 11, 2011

Legislators Gamble Away & Increase Your Taxes

 On Friday evening, March 11th, legislators in the House of Delegates managed to vote in favor of both gambling away and increasing your taxes.
 SB 550 (Roll Call #337,  68-30) will increase the amount of bets that can be made at race tracks and also appropriates $100 million to state sanctioned betting parlors to upgrade their gambling machine equipment. (In the Eastern Panhandle: Delegates Cowles, Duke, Householder, Kump, J. Miller, and Overington voted NAY. Delegate Doyle voted YEA. Delegate Lawrence was excused from voting.)
 SB 608 (Roll Call #342, 58-39) will grossly increase our motor vehicle fees for services and documents. (In the Eastern Panhandle: Delegates Cowles,  Duke, Householder, Kump, J. Miller, and Overington voted NAY. Delegates Doyle and Lawrence voted YEA).
 West Virginia cannot afford to eliminate the grocery tax or provide proper upkeep of our roads, but can we afford to gamble away $100 million of tax revenue to promote gambling while increasing motor vehicle fees on those who can least afford it?
  Is this someone's idea of a sick joke?
 If so, I'm not laughing.

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  1. I do not agree with the State give my tax dollars to a business who is already making millions of dollars off our dime. Gamling is already a disease. Regardless on the opinion, these tax dollars can be better used to make lives easier by maybe create a State medical system. I have been looking a medical insurance I can afford. HumanOne was the most reasonable, but guess what, they were kicked out of WV. Its seems that Law Makers were bias towards an insurance that worked for them and very bias as to how their insurance would affect their families. STOP.... My tax dollars go to pay your insurance but my own money cant purchase health insurance because State LawMakers choose to block a decent business. Try asking your citizen whether or not they would like to see competition of foriegn/National medical insurance companies compete for our business instead of be bias. Stop steal our money to satisfy your special interest. Cant wait for the next elections.


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