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Friday, March 25, 2011

More about the Law of Unintended Consequences

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The above Saturday, March 19th newspaper editorial provides an important learning opportunity about the "Law of Unintended Consequences".

Well intentioned lawmakers and others are rightly concerned about the use of common cold medications to produce the life destroying and devastating "Meth" drug.

They then rush to respond by attempting to restrict this over-the-counter drug abuse, by trying to make these otherwise benign medications illegal without a doctor's prescription.

And, as Hamlet once said, therein "lies the rub".

In attempting to deal with a minority rogue criminal element, should the majority of us be punished and our freedom diminished?

Is there an "absolutely" correct answer?

Perhaps not, but Beckley lawyer James M. Mullins does have an insight.

He simply and effectively argues that "agressive enforcement of existing laws" is a better way.

I agree.

Postscript and Simply Put: The aforementioned "over-the counter" medications aleady require folks to show proper identification to the pharmacist, sign for receipt, and restrict the amount of medication received. A much better idea would to require pharmacists to report these purchases to a central data bank and then share this information with law enforcement agencies. In this way, medication "surfing" at various pharmacies by "Meth" addicts could be monitored and stopped - all without imposing a larger and expensive burden on the rest of us law-abiding folks.
We have all the data and the tools. Let's return, report, and use this data and tools. Let's not make life more difficult for those of us who aren't drug abusing criminals.

By the way, this legislation narrowly failed to win passage this year, but look for it to return. Click on the March 5th, 2011 entry, "More on Meth (HB 2649) for even more.


  1. I for one use the Medication to battle a life long problem of sinusits. I depend on the medication to keep me sane and migraine free thru the spring and summer. Although I really do not like taking medication, its important to me. Unfortunately, others misusing this material makes life harder on the rest of us.
    Why are we paying for their mistakes?

    I would like the see the Police do their job, have the State enforce strict
    punishment on these people who create meth labs. Dont put the punishment of those that need the medication for allergy issues.

    Many time I see Law Enforcement hanging out at 7Eleven drinking coffee and cracking joke. Hell most our police are crooks. Its getting to the point as to whom can we trust. A few Politicians
    make bad judgement calls on issues that make sense to make life easier for society.

    I would like to say to all Politics, my boss enforces me to do my job to benefit the company. Politicians to vote for the right issues to benefit the people. Remember, your responsible for your own words.

    I cannot honor the enforcement of being forced to see a Physician for a simple over the counter medication. if you think MLK JR was forceful, you have not seen me yet.

    Matthew H.
    Ranson, WV 25438


    This movie is about an area in KY that got together to solve its own meth problem. We (the tea party) will be showing it at our rally in Welch on 4/15/11, and then hope to make it available to many communities in our state.

  3. Amen, amen, and amen!
    Ed Wilson


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