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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update:Senior Citizen Tax Relief?

Visit and click on the Thursday, February 10th "Homestead exemption shows movement in state Legislature" local news story for details.

Update: The legislative proposal for this Constitutional Amendment is House Joint Resolution #37 (HJR 37).

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  1. Larry - How about "Citizen" Tax Relief? If everyone were only taxed for the necessities of government (police, fire protection, roads, disaster management, etc) then we'd pay much less. Your colleagues will find a place for every dime we make.

    Senior citizens shouldn't be taxed at all. The rest of us should be taxed minimally. If the state would get that one thing, WV would be the place where companies would come to thrive, the tax base would expand, and WV would soon overtake Northern Virginia with growth.


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