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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Voice from Washington County, MD

I have had the privilege and honor of getting to know Larry D. Kump over the last couple of years, staying in touch with him via Email and other means.

Larry is a very honorable and honest man who believes that the people of his legislative district comes first.

A true patriot and voice of the people, Larry will always be there when called upon to do the people's work.

Larry has been very influential.

Larry is not just concerned about his own legislative district, but Larry is concerned about all that surrounds him.

Larry is very concerned about Family and Children first and foremost, and has been a very supportive voice for newly elected Senator in Maryland, Christopher Shank, and his plights to get laws passed to protect our Children from Child Predators and Domestic Violence.

Larry is the People's Voice, and he is in touch with today's society,
understanding and knowing the issues that need to be addressed. He does not waiver and he is not afraid to tackle the issues.

West Virginia is very lucky and honored to have such a respectable man running for House of Delegates, and he is a voice the People need.

He is what West Virginians need.

Larry knows what his constituents need and what they want. He will not leave them standing at the altar.

I implore all of those voters from Larry's district to get behind this truly honorable and honest man and support him.

You will not be disappointed.

Thank you,

Jeff Werner

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