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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Standing Up for Liberty

Friends and Fellow Citizens,

In the 13 years I've known Larry D. Kump, I've always known him to champion the oppressed, the disempowered, and the voiceless.

He fought for the rights of those who couldn't fight for themselves.

I was one of those, coming to this country as an Asian immigrant.

He fought for me several times. He is like that with people who need his help.

Larry understands the plight of ordinary people, working people, single parents, family men and women, the older generation and the young ones, the disenfranchised, and also the well to do.

He is that versatile, but has remained unaffected by fame, fortune, and misfortune.

He simply is a genuine and sincere human being.

West Virginians have a "True Champion" in Larry.

Hello, everyone. This is a real person, speaking from her heart. I mean it. Larry has a heart of gold, but he also is a formidable opponent against injustice(s) and unfairness.

Vote for him to serve in the West Virginia House of Delegates and you won't regret it!!! I promise you that.

Minerva Rosenthal

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