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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Riding Jesse James' Horse

West Virginians already pay more gasoline taxes than do our friends and neighbors in surrounding states, even though our highways reflect little good effect from this tax burden.

Many of us here in the Eastern Panhandle cope with this highway robbery by fleeing across the border to Maryland and Virginia to fill up our gas tanks.

But now, in addition to pushing for even more taxes via toll roads, our West Virginia Bureaucrats in Charleston are clamoring for an even bigger bite out of our already empty pockets by pushing for an additional five percent (5%) surtax on all of us for patronizing fast food drive-ins.

These highwaymen all must be riding Jesse James' horse.

For more of this about that, visit The State Journal editorial "DOH Gone Wild: Cheeseburger Tax" (September 17th, 2010).

An edited version of the above also appeared as a letter to the editor in the September 28, 2010 edition of the Hagerstown Herald-Mail newspaper.

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